Thursday, January 9, 2014

What the heck is going on in Wyoming?

...where the Legislature's Selective Investigation Committee is investigating their state superintendent:
On Tuesday, education department accounting analyst Trent Carroll, told lawmakers analysts were twice told to pay illegal employee overtime invoices during Hill's tenure.
According to a memo from Christine Steele, a member of Hill’s leadership team, Steele directed staff to pay roughly $26,000 in federal funds to cover an employee’s overtime work even though the employee’s contract didn't permit overtime pay.
In a memo to the finance department dated April 20, 2012, Steele wrote: “It is understood … that paying this invoice would cause the Wyoming Department of Education to be out of compliance with state and federal guidance and, should this be identified in a state or federal audit, will result in an audit finding.”
As with the first invoice, Carroll received a memo from Steele acknowledging that paying the second invoice would lead to uncomplimentary audit findings, according to documents provided to the investigative committee.
And like the first invoice, the bill was paid over objection from the accountants.

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