Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finance and Operations: Playgrounds

inventory of 24 playgrounds through the district
each school has a specific report which have been sent to the building principals
summary of all reports
used UltiPlay Parks & Playgrounds, Inc
certified playground inspector "for safety concerns and deficiencies"
safety surfacing: rubber surfacing is more expensive and lasts longer
wood breaks down over time: not as deep as it should be
height deficiencies (slides, swings)
signage: new playgrounds given age appropriateness of structure
equipment and wear and tear
"most playgrounds are from different manufacturers"
trying to flush out that information
cost estimates: average of freshening up material, signage, equipment

Foley: motion to hold in committee to get a better idea of where we are come spring
Allen: PTO or group required of upkeep and maintenance of playground
"commitment doesn't end upon installation"
Novick asks that playground information be shared with PTOs and get a list of schools that don't have playgrounds accessible

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