Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Doherty heat

Finally, regarding the heat at Doherty, which has been an issue this week:

The Facilities Department also responded to Doherty High School this morning regarding the lack of heat within several parts of the school.  We understand that School Committee members have been contacted as well.
There were many classrooms that were as mid 40's as a result of equipment failure.  There were five rooftop units that malfunctioned overnight and in some cases they needed to be restarted and in others new equipment needed to be installed.  There were also many classrooms where the uninvent heaters were not functioning correctly.  As soon as these repairs were made the school is now back to normal heating temperatures.

During cold weather periods, we intend for most of the older schools to operate in full occupancy mode throughout the day and evening so that temperatures do not get too cold in the buildings.  With the repairs that have taken place we fully expect the entire school to be much more comfortable tomorrow.

It should be noted that the mechanical systems of the school is one of the reasons that the Administration would continue to submit the school for major renovation / replacement with the Massachusetts School Building Authority later this year.

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