Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Student suspended in Oklahoma for allegedly casting a spell on a teacher: CORRECTED

Yes, really:
The suit charges that in December 2013 Bushyhead summoned Blackbear to his office where he interrogated her about her interest in Wicca.  The suit claims that although Blackbear, under intense pressure, said she might be a Wiccan, she is in fact Roman Catholic.  It also states: “The interview culminated with Defendant Bushyhead accusing Plaintiff, Brandi Blackbear, of casting spells causing (a teacher at the school) … to be sick and to be hospitalized.”
The suit also alleges that Bushyhead told Blackbear ”that she was an immediate threat to the school and summarily suspended her for what he arbitrarily determined to be a disruption of the education process.”  In addition, the suit asserts the school district violated Blackbear’s civil rights by seizing notebooks she used to write horror stories and barring her from drawing or wearing signs of the pagan religion Wicca.
We'll just file this under "Things I'm Glad I'm Not Being Briefed in on."
CORRECTION: It appears that this is old news.

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