Thursday, January 23, 2014

Retroactive pay

O'Connell concerned that we voted retroactive pay "some months ago"
we voted December 19, for the record
Allen: recent round of conversation of negotiations were harmonious
EAW newsletter that went out yesterday indicated that retroactive pay would go out in March
increase in pay in checks that go out tomorrow
"We've met with the new city auditor recently to ask for a process to pay the retroactive"
"working cooperatively with City the manner he is able to do it"
"To suggest anything else would be misleading to our teachers"
Boone: payroll doesn't begin and end with us
"it is our goal to do it as rapidly as possible"
Mayor: if I remember, this has to happen every contract
Allen: only thing outstanding is retroactive
O'Connell requesting that it be expedited further
Novick: motion to file which takes precedent
O'Connell asks for it on a roll call: motion to file passes 5-2

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