Thursday, January 9, 2014

District governance in a democracy

I was glad to see, in this EdWeek article regarding changing models of district governance, this note of caution sounded:
With state takeovers and the growth of charter-management organizations without local boards, "decisions about local schools are now being made in a nondemocratic way by people far from the community, who are responding to market incentives that may not be well-aligned with the interests of the most vulnerable children in the community," Mr. Welner said.


Jim Gonyea said...

Authoritarianism actually. From Arne Duncan all the way down to the states.

Tracy Novick said...

Duncan's getting involved, as I'm sure you saw, Jim, in Mayor DeBlasio's selection of a new commissioner is particularly concerning. Bad enough that New York City has no democratic representation in how its schools are run; for D.C. to get involved is really beyond the pale.