Thursday, January 16, 2014

FY15 budget : WPS public notice

The principals have begun having their meetings with central administration regarding the FY15 budget. This means that numbers will be beginning to circulate regarding FY15.

To wit, a few reminders:

  • There is no FY15 budget until it has been passed by the full Worcester School Committee on June 19. Anything prior to that is a recommended budget.
  • Meetings between principals and central administration use the best numbers currently available, particularly for projected enrollment. Staffing (in particular) is based on these numbers. 
  • The Worcester School Committee will be getting a preliminary budget update on February 6; this will be based, also, on the best numbers that we have at this time. The recommended budget will be sent to the School Committee and be available to the public in mid-May. There will be two public meetings regarding the budget, plus at least one public F&O hearing on the budget prior to those.
By all means, get in touch. But don't panic.

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