Monday, January 6, 2014

Nelson Place building committee: UPDATE (link to timeline)

came in a bit late; Lamoreux and Pagano now presenting
in charge of getting us through Feasibility
Here (thanks to Commissioner Moosey!) is the timeline specific to Nelson Place
must include several options, including additions, "no build" (what happens if you do nothing), replacement, different locations

"MSBA is a vastly different agency than when they were at the department of education"
this is their fourth project under MSBA
through Module 4, essentially all spelled out
include virtually every building system in a design
to get the state to vote approval to their work; contract between city and state "for a specific amount of money above which we may not go"
end of feasibility will have "one preferred solution"
"very linear process...why this is the right site and the right school for Nelson Place"
programming determines building
faculty surveys, meetings with central admin, "get a big picture"
scheduled a charette "for a net zero target" for generating the energy on site that the building needs
develop a LEED project for the committee
MSBA has a formula for number of students for number of square feet: students of Nelson Place equals a school nearly double in size (87,000 square feet)
district-wide autism program housed at the school will juggle template
"what is the right school and what are the narratives to defend that"
working with PTO, getting input from neighborhood
target: January 20 to have program written out in pretty solid draft form to apply to sites that are underway
site opportunities: city wishes to continue to serve Nelson Place neighborhood with school
looking at heating, electrical, systems...what is needed for this building 50 years into the future
looking at site for bus drop-off, parent pick up and drop off
play areas, parking, neighborhood,
compare with present school
looking at more alternative sites; rest of the school site, Forest Grove site, old Salter school site, Catholic diocese land across from Salter school (St. George's, which they later say was pulled out)
wetlands, access, etc
study two of the sites in greater detail and comparisons
compare swing space: where will kids go during building time?
much that is swamp and cliff in this area of the city; looking at what are larger pieces of land
Looking at September of 2017 for move in
Julie Lynch on city side; Russ Adams (new) assist commissioner of engineering; Jim Bedard, WPS, major point people at this place
"how to capitalize on the interest and engagement of the parents at this school" (seen as a real strength of the school)
concern from Councilor Economou that there isn't enough of a chance for a public forum
suggestion from Commissioner Moosey that there be a public meeting once we have some schematic designs possibly through Education or F&O or both
May? or is that too late?
Parent saying that we've heard nothing for years, "neighbors asking questions to which I have no answers...neighborhood has been ignored up to this point"
Mayor: get neighbors involved as we go forward, have things to show in March; show five options, but not all of them are real
Economou: state's process that we're abiding by
Allen: suggestion that there be a Nelson Place building committee website
Next meeting: February 24 at Nelson Place at 6 pm (preceding the PTO meeting)

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