Friday, January 31, 2014

Principal openings

You may have caught the article in today's T&G about the principal shifts for the end of this year. As these are all openings that will be happening at the end of this year, the replacement process is already underway. This involves two panels at the school: an initial screening panel, followed by an interview panel, which then forwards finalists to the superintendent (Chandler follows a somewhat different pattern, due to its status as a Level 4 school).
The openings for next year are:
  • Chandler Elementary
  • City View
  • Flagg Street
  • Lincoln Street
  • Rice Square
  • Vernon Hill
  • Sullivan Middle
Most of these are, as you saw, retirements, and, due to the experience of our principal staff, this is not an unusually high number.
And wishing Mr. DeFalco well on his new assignment in New Bedford!

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