Friday, January 24, 2014

Cherry sheet for FY15

The Governor's budget came out on Wednesday, but we've had so much going on ourselves that I haven't posted on it. You will hear much much more about FY15 in the coming weeks--the Worcester School Committee's preliminary look is on February 6--but I pulled up the cherry sheet to look at big numbers:

FY14 total Chapter 70 $219,658,550
FY15 total Chapter 70 $220,569,583

(remember that total Chapter 70 also includes the funding for Worcester's charter schools (and doesn't add back in tuition reimbursement for them or for school choice), so this is not a fully WPS number)

So yes, the second number is higher than the first.
The difference--of $911,033--not even a million dollars, is an increase of less than half a percent.

There's certainly lots more that will go on in our budget than that, but this is not a great place to start.

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