Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Statements of interest for MSBA

Foley: have had some significant work done these past few years
Allen runs through list of past two years of projects
"in conversation with MSBA, they invited us to change our submission on Worcester East Middle to now reflect...robust accelerated repair"
asked to remain in accelerated repair for just the boiler (as we think it will not last another year)
understand that it will be invited for full mechanical systems over a multi-year process
"significantly changes scope of work and investment"
does not require level of education spec planning (as Nelson Place does)
good news/bad news: much more work, but much longer
does free up money for over this summer, as only doing boiler this year
working with the city for dollars that are now being freed up; work that is not reimbursable by MSBA
some of those can happen this summer now instead
recommending that we submit three high schools for repair/replacement
new accelerated repair recommendations: Clark Street, Goddard, Union Hill, West Tatnuck, all for windows
"this is time sensitive" have to be approved by SC and Council
told that master plan needed to move forward
priority 1 based on needs assessment is South High, and remains so
Motions separately to submit three high schools for renovation/repair, and elementary schools for windows

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