Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finance and Operations: FY14 quarterly (updated with a bit from North)

second quarter:
Allen: through the second quarter, amount expended to date in relation to budget amount
pretty specific projections by account
still a place where we're using some trends and information from other departments
similar deficit to first quarter deficit
takes into account new money due to closure of Spirit of Knowledge
much larger deficit in contracted services for special education services
number of students that we had anticipated last year, as we built internal capacity to serve students with autism
number of students who are new to the district or newly identified
still spending $700,000 less than we did last year; entire increase is due to new students to district and newly identified students
there was something here about adding a position at North High which I completely missed. UPDATE: An assistant principal has been added at North High, as was a request, and has been funded through attrition and vacancy factor savings in other accounts.
overall bottom line deficit
using $309,000 instructional materials to balance the budget ($10/pupil); "because this deficit is larger than it was in the first quarter, it appears that we will have to keep those dollars frozen to balance the budget"
Seale (special education): students constantly being identified over time
significant growth nationwide: 1 out of 50 students diagnosed with autism
required to provide specific services to those students
46% growth from 2010 of students with autism
students with multiple disabilities may require Home Applied Behavioral Analysis in addition; 31 students need such services (cannot do that in house)
Feb 2013: 594 students requiring direct ABA services
Dec 2013: 722 students requiring direct ABA services
128 new students that needed this level of services provided
161 students new to district with disabilities "unanticipated cost" (not just ADA, speech and language, one to one IAs, etc)
12 students out of district tuition=estimated $60,000 each
DESE has found that we are fiscally responsible for these students
hard to capture costs when responding to services beyond our control
Allen: significant budget challenge for us this year; no budget impact to school aside from held aside per pupil funding
FY15 will increase internal capacity again; what the cost impact will be
entire new money recommended for special education (tomorrow night)
recommended transfers today as well
Foley: great savings in special education in past few years
raw numbers here make that impossible
administration look at where students are coming from, and why
"don't have a whole lot of options...too bad we can't use it elsewhere"
out of district bill
Novick: pleased that we did increase internal capacity last year; imagine how much this would be costing us otherwise
workers comp? report from past years
Allen: "time to budget it at what our expenses would be"
Ramirez asks for clarification of what account funds which positions
transfers pass as recommended

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