Thursday, January 23, 2014

request for a report on North High funding

Biancheria: discussion "with the former representative"
"didn't seem as though we were able to get any type of response...hope to have some clarification on the use of the funds, if they are available, and if there is a time frame as to when they are available"
Boone: it's a reconciliation
Allen: question is for FFE money relative to school building? expenditures have to be reconciled to see if there is remaining money
Biancheria: time frame for report?
Allen: city report, can't commit to time frame on their behalf, Mr. Zidelis is aware of it and has staff devoted to it
Biancheria: city has a problem with the state? state with schools? sense of urgency
Boone: reimbursement for construction goes to city
Mayor says that he will talk to the City Manager personally

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