Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reporting out: Joint committee and F&O

And I'm not going to take notes on this, as you've already seen them. This is the joint meeting that was held on December 18; notes here and following. 
Possibly the first some are hearing that we are under net school spending by $1.3M due to benefits of city administration not being able to be counted towards education spending.
Also, yesterday's F&O meeting, with Mr. Foley reporting out on addition of assistant principal at North High and special education increases.

Full committee approving quarterly transfers:

  • $135,000 from Custodians to Custodial Overtime
  • $95,000 from Maintenance Services to Custodial overtime
  • $50,000 from Maintenance Services to Maintenance Overtime
  • $80,000 from Administrative clerical to Support Overtime
  • $100,000 from Non-instructional support to Support Overtime--drivers
  • $10,000 from Non-instructional support to Bus monitor Overtime

Full committee approving Statements of Interest to send to the Mass School Building Authority 
Again, those are South High, Burncoat High, Doherty High for renovation/replacement
Clark Street, Goddard, Union Hill, West Tatnuck for window replacement

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