Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nelson Place timeline

I've updated my notes (below) with a link to the pretty version of this, but here are the specific dates associated with the Nelson Place project. Remember, we're working with MSBA requirements here.
  • We've finished the Eligibility period, and we are now in Feasibility, which runs through May 2014.
  • Assuming that this is okayed by MSBA, we will enter Schematic Design, which runs through November 2014: this ends with an agreed upon project by both city/district and MSBA.
  • Funding the project (passing what's necessary on our end) has to be done by March 2015.
  • Meanwhile, the detailed design is being pulled together, to be done by September 2015.
  • Then (you were waiting for this!) CONSTRUCTION! September 2015-March 2017.
  • Completing the project that spring and summer.
  • MOVE IN for start of school 2017

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