Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finance and Operations meets Wednesday at 5!

The Standing Committee on Finance and Operations meets this Wednesday, January 22 at 5 pm. You can find the agenda here.
And welcome, Ms.Ramirez for her first meeting!
  • We're getting a report back from Administration (on a motion I filed) on fixing the pesky problem of knowing what door to go in
  • We have the Blue Ribbon Technology report up for consideration. You'll remember that we've funded the first round of computer rentals, so we'll be getting a progress report. With the needs we also have with the upcoming PARCC assessment coming in, there's some cross referencing we need to do here as well. And possibly capital funding.
  • We're sending both the FY14 budget and the FY14 capital budget to our joint committee with City Council.
  • WPS participated in the drafting of the 2013 Open Space and Recreation Plan, a document that the City is required to submit every seven years.
  • We have the usual quarterly budget report, with an update on all accounts. It looks to me that the big things here--beyond underfunding workers' comp, which you'll remember we discussed at our last meeting and are taking up again at this one--are special education costs and a few categories of overtime. 
  • We're getting an overview on the review of playgrounds that has happened. Schools do have the specifics for their own playgrounds; do keep in mind that this is a citywide view. I've already gotten some questions: if your school has a brand new playground, chances are that what you need is a sign and possibly better groundcover. 
  • Mr. O'Connell had a query on adding assistant principals
  • It's MSBA Statement of Interest time! The rebuild/renovate proposals remain the same: South at number one, with Burncoat and Doherty to follow. Proposed accelerated repairs for this year--all on windows--are Clark Street, Goddard, Union Hill, and West Tatnuck. Those have to pass out of F&O, through School Committee, then through City Council, and (in the case of the accelerated repairs) all by the first week of February.
  • Miss Biancheria inquired about WRTA bus passes
  • I've got some concerns about our snowblowers and lawnmowers. You have to read between the lines, but that's a worried Facilities department. 
  • And Mr. O'Connell referred the school nutrition account here, so we should get to have some conversation about school lunch!
It's a long one, but it all starts at 5 on Wednesday! Fourth floor of the Durkin Administration Building (or live on Channel 11). 

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