Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Update on the weekend burst pipes

The School Committee received the following from Mr. Allen yesterday:
...please be advised that the Facilities Department responded to eight schools over the weekend to address frozen / burst water pipes within the schools.  The frozen / burst pipes were at Claremont/Woodland Academies, North High, Belmont Street, Forest Grove, Canterbury Street, City View, Nelson Place, and Worcester Technical High School (City Technical Services section of building).  In all cases, the water lines were repaired and did not cause any interruption to school operations this week.  Repairs to ceiling tiles, insulation, walls, and other areas will occur over this week as needed.  In some cases the water damage was quite extensive and the Facilities Department is addressing the manner in which repairs will be scheduled.

The Facilities Department is in contact with both our ESCo and monitoring companies to determine to what extent new controls and monitoring systems contributed to some of the freeze ups.  This analysis is on-going at the present time.

Facilities and custodial staff at these schools provided an excellent response and worked much of the weekend to ready the impacted areas for normal school operations Monday morning and should be commended for their tremendous efforts!
And should you have any questions, please pass them along!

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