Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finance and Operations: WRTA

bus passes for home to school transportation or for after school programs transportation
currently spend $143,000 per year
pay $1.35 rate which is the WRTA rate; most students require two tickets for transfer
"great demand for the use of these tickets"
Foley: how far does the demand exceed the supply?
implemented a tracking system for the schools; record use for which bus passes are distributed
"if I collect bus passes, I could use them for non-school use" (Foley)
Hennessey: each school uses them differently depending on what their needs are
now requesting a better feel per school as to what the usage is
Transportation purchases in bulk; schools request allotment
used more heavily for to and from school for alternative programs
working on school by school usage
Novick: no discount for us, no discount for students
other urban districts allow student ID to travel for free within particular hours
is it worth working with City Council to negotiate with WRTA (as City Manager sits on their board)?
cheaper for me to buy a CharlieCard (per ride) than what WPS is charged
Foley asks for a report on this and asks if we can refer to Joint Committee with City Council

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