Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's Net School Spending calculation time!

Notice went out late (working at 6pm at DESE!) yesterday that the Net School Spending calculations for FY13 (actual) and FY14 (budgeted) have now been posted. You can download the chart yourself here or I've put it in my Dropbox here
We're in January, so the fiscal year finally matches the fiscal year again--we're in FY14 now. FY13 is the year that ended in June of 2013, but reporting out what was actually spent takes a full wrap-up of both WPS and City books.
Worcester is (always) community 348 on the list (the regionals are listed after the single town districts). For FY13, our net school spending was 99.3% of required spending, or 99.7% of foundation. The first percentage includes the carryover from not meeting net school spending requirements in previous years (by $2,243,503); the second is just from last year, which we didn't meet, either.
DESE also has our projected numbers for this current fiscal year (FY14). They've got us at $2,054,754 under where we should be, which is 99.3% of net school spending. You'll see, though, that this is all carryover from previous years, as the current budget is 100.1% of foundation.

More to come on this, as we should run some charts comparing us to other communities, but I wanted to get Worcester's numbers up right away!
And if you need a hand with figuring out your community, let me know!

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