Saturday, May 26, 2018

Speaking of budgets...

I spent about a half hour with Hank Stoltz Friday morning, talking about the Worcester school budget, the state budget, and related school issues. The recording is up here.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Reading roundup

a few things I've read of interest...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Board of Ed update on FY19 budget

Bell: state assessment funding already went over earlier
spending right now in FY18
both House and Senate just passed the supplemental budget; on Governor's desk
includes $12.5M for support for circuit breaker
AND INCLUDES $2.5M for charter school payments
earlier $15M for student evacuees
already distributed $6.7M in April (expenses til March)
round two of $8.3M (March to end of school year)
second data capture to distribute funding
based it on a FTE basis
federal government when it "finally produced an FY19 bill"
also a federal emergency impact aid bill
anyone from Hurricane Harvey, Maria, and CA wildfire
"we don't anticipate a lot of students from Texas or California"
in process of collecting data from the districts to also have those districts reimbursed by the federal government
"we as a state need to file an application by the 4th of June"
finalizing data collection: will be two opportunities
anticipating funding in late June, early July
intended for this year; "will be an accounting exercise" once they get it (as the fiscal year will have ended)
"remains to be seen if these values will hold, as it's a $2.5B national pot"

FY19: Senate budget currently being deliberated
theme "strong commitment to education local aid accounts"
Senate in best position
implementation of low income shift in future year
ELL increment
value of Senate circuit breaker would probably be 71 or 72%
additional charter reimbursement in the Senate; "it's not where the need statement is...but it's still a significant increase"
hoping assessment item comes in through amendment (as Senate W&M has it in lower), doesn't go to conference committee

Report from the State Student Advisory Council from Hannah Trimarchi at the Board of Ed

and I wish we got these reports...
who is the state student advisory council: students from across the state meeting every two months
reps from high schools gather regionally; regional reps gather statewide
"and they get a lot of work done"
"and they're all peer elected"

Automated test scoring at the Board of Ed

Riley: we're at an interesting point in education, where it's time to look in the future
"interested in shrinking the amount of time we spend on testing"
"shrink the amount of time so we can increase the amount of instruction"
"that may mean computer adaptive testing," we can figure out where a child is at a point in time
"leave open the possibilities to explore everything"
"maybe it will not work out; maybe it will"
"figure out how to make it better"
might shrink the wait time to return scores

Revised history and social studies at the Board of Ed

the backup is here
note that this is for discussion, not vote
presenting proposed changes in respons to public comment
and gain board input on revised framework to prep for June meeting (and vote)
and we're doing the review of what they've done so far and who was consulted
priorities are to emphasize civics education and to deepen understanding
rigor, clarity, and coherence of frameworks
"a robust public comment period"

Board of Ed on Level 5: the Dever School

there's a backup here
Johnston: seeing teachers planning together
"students receiving the same theme-based rigorous learning" throughout the building
substantially subseparate classrooms for students with social-emotional issues; "caring staff" finding ways to support students in their learning