Friday, November 21, 2014

Meetings next week

While it's a short school week next week--Worcester has school only on Monday and Tuesday--there are two meetings of note.
  • On Monday, the Governance and Employee Issues standing committee meets at 4:30 PM in the Durkin Administration Building. You can find the agenda here. Title I parents advisory council, Bill H450 on teaching health, the WPS social media policy, the Byrne grant, and aligning our evaluation process with our elections are all on the agenda. 
  • On Tuesday, the Massachusetts Board of Ed has their regular monthly meeting. You can find the agenda here. They are voting on the waiver for a Brockton charter school.* They're also getting an update from Lawrence, voting on opening proposed changes to the vocational regs to public comment, getting a progress report on "Intergrating College and Career Readiness,"**receiving an update on proposed on amendments on restraint and seclusion, receiving the 2014 report on teacher evaluation, and receiving a report on Level 5 schools. And yes, I'm going, and yes, I'll be blogging. 

*They've decided the Fitchburg one can just roll forward, as they've now gerrymandered the district it's drawing from to make it a "bottom 10% district"
**Sorry for the quotes. I have trouble taking that very seriously. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Looking for more on the Superintendent's evaluation? updating with comments from members

It was early in the meeting; scroll down!

Let's take a look at comments from members!

Regarding MCAS/PARCC refusal

This is my item, asking specifically what we're sending home when we get a refusal from a student, and what we're doing with the student in school in the meantime. The answer is...we're waiting for more information from the state. 

Speaking of public health...

...did you get your flu shot yet?

I learned something about stopping for school buses today

If you don't stop for one of our school buses, we have a camera that records just that activity. Our drivers turn the information that they get on the car, along with the video, in when they get back to the lot. That information is then forwarded to the Registry.
And yes, the Registry can and does issue citations.


Biancheria: number of staff we have and where the funding came from
backup here
one IT member per 1300 users
would appreciate more information on that
paid IT interns a total of $68,892 (for four full year positions)
Boone: "often I've heard this committee talk about ways we can increase internships"
"really a cost efficient way for providing services"
"this $68,892 may have served as a single position, depending on what it is, and this is four people"
Allen: grant funded are all funded under Title I
has funded IT interns for eight years now, have had IT interns for 20 years
Biancheria: does it take away from other programs?
side note: our Title I allocation for this year is a total of $9.7 million
Boone: I have to ask what we're trying to accomplish here
Biancheria: this is a discussion, this is not criticism
Foley: we've saved money over the years through interns
gives college students experience, at the same time save us significant dollars
Allen: saved us a million dollars in development costs to do in house

TLSS on math curriculum

Reporting out here. 
Motion then is to approve the contract (for this time)