Monday, March 31, 2014

Out of paper?

A bit of a supplies update for those Worcester parents out there who might be getting pleas for school supplies now:

Back at the second quarter budget report, which we talked about at the end of January, we got the news about the Spirit of Knowledge students returning to WPS and the large increase in students with autism in the district. As part of that report, we received a report that the $10 per pupil of supply funds that customarily is frozen until the second half of the year would need to stay frozen to balance the budget.
I suspect that for many this got lost in the larger numbers surrounding the SoKA students and the increase in special education, but it is one that you now may be hearing about.
Also, keep this in mind for FY15, as the worst case scenario calls for a cut in the per pupil supply budget of $5 each. 

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