Monday, March 10, 2014

Facilities update

Allen: Nelson Place approved for renovation/replacement
2012 projects are essentially complete, with exception of Chandler Magnet's windows
2013 happening this summer: Columbus Park window and boiler
Tatnuck Magnet windows
Worcester East Middle: boiler; change on windows/roof to expanded scope. This has been passed by School Committee; goes to City Council next before April 11 deadline.
fairly extensive work on school, primarily done when students are not there
"we cannot go another season with the boiler...working to replace that as soon as possible"
2014 submitted

Nelson Place approved preliminary design program; building committee approved looking at three options on site
now presented to MSBA; will give feedback once submitted
will be posted on Nelson Place

Novick: public hearing happening after vote, public documents posted after votes taken
Adams: comment that public venting session to deal with current issues
Economou: concerns incorporated in proposed plan that has yet to be developed
reverse it would be a benefit to both sides going forward
Toomey: much concern even afterward from public
Foley: not going to be a quick process
if it gives the appearance of after the fact, it really should avoid that
Ramirez: also heard of anticipation of construction and what that would do
Adams: abutters notified for next meeting

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