Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vo-tech testimony from superintendents and principals (of vo-tech programs)

a number of vocational technical superintendents and principals here concerned that the Board will be reviewing admissions requirements for vo-tech programs. Running some testimony together here.
"respect roles"
sometimes responsibilities and roles get blurred
"request our active participation so (vo-tech) not be compromised and minimized"

running through some stats
"very concerned that some actions proposed by compromise chapter 74"
asks that Chapter 74 programs have a high approval standing, including part time programs
cites an achievement gap between students in part time programs and in full time programs (not surprising, as the full time programs have admissions requirements)
financial controls for foundation budget additions
staffing levels
"accountable to produce measurable outcomes"
strategic priorities of association align with those of the Commissioner
exploratory programs: "based upon applicable vocational frameworks" there are none for exploratory
survey of programs; wide variety of data, which they will sharing with the Department
concur with Commissioner on two stage approval program
town or city may not run or seek approval for a chapter 74 program that is run by their vo-tech program
concerned about provisional approval in memo
resolving all issues between vo-tech programs and their sending towns
"believe no vocational school should admit anyone ahead of an sending town student who qualifies"
concerned about guidance counselors from middle schools making judgment about which students should go there
"based merely on their 'using their hands rather than their heads'"
thus, they'd like to be able to be able to still skim students based on academic prowess...
citation here of Worcester Tech being mentioned in the press
success is due to "merit of an integrated and embedded curricular model"
relationships between school systems; merits of a lottery process...rejected
"competition is a fact of life"
"what would be gained by taking merit from the admissions process"
lowest drop-out rates, highest graduation rates, replication not duplication of programs
Boston superintendent with surrounding superintendents: speaking out of out-of-district exploratory process
BPS offers 19 vo-tech programs in the district
working at establishing a foundation at Madison Park to allow it to grow its programs
charged with increasing strong career pathways in the district
students could apply for programs out of school after grade 9
"informed decisions about their high school course of study"
exploratory programs that they are required to send students to which they themselves have in district or in their collaborative
"paid for duplication services"
$1.4M for out-of-district Chapter 74 programs

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