Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Notes on the Board of Ed: introduction

Chair notes that Duncan has visited "clear how much he cares about engaging with teachers"
students making the case of how the Common Core is improving their education

Evaluation of the Commissioner: have planned out how they will go forward
working with the Early Childhood Board on kindergarten
Chester: Duncan "very impressed with the work that's going on here"
Lawrence: union and receiver have reached a collective bargaining agreement
scheduled for a vote next week
"think it will be a real model for collective bargaining agreements going forward"
may be filing an extension of the request for a waiver
review of why we have a waiver: accountability system with the 5 levels; in second year of that; filing a one year extension
details will go before Board prior to submission
crossover with charter school regs
Malone: in middle of budget process
"Governor's increase in education represents the largest part of the budget"
safety and security "will not be a mandate"
early literacy commission: 3 year commission
cost of higher ed: put more kids
improvements and advancements in technology
appreciates work of superintendents..chapter 74 programs
Kennedy Day School at the Franciscan 
runs through the visits he's done this past month
"define concerns about the rate of reform...adjust timelines as we've done"
"work that's happening in the field is what we're here for"
met with seven members of the British Parliament and "didn't cause an international incident"

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