Tuesday, March 18, 2014

improving the truancy rate: TLSS

Several groups working on this now
Biancheria: how do we know what is working and what isn't working at this point?
 Rodrigues: Truancy forum was community awareness
"how do we support the community in the awareness piece?"
"not about blaming and pointing fingers; it's about supporting everyone"
support in the moment of challenge, but getting the children to school every day and on time
Biancheria: how do we know what we're doing is working? and how to go forward with what is working?
Rodrigues: informing parents and talking to parents about this
reasons why a student is late or absent from school, day in and day out
a parent walking a young child to school with a younger sick child at home, for example
"everyone has a part in this"
how can everyone help, to what capacity
Biancheria: can we get the partners and can we get an update in the spring
"good news to hear, especially with our partners on board"
Rodrigues: updates in a Friday letter
Ramirez: marketing campaign for parents
transportation does get in the way in older kids; "public transportation is expensive, too"
Monfredo: many older kids aren't coming to school because they are frustrated in school

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