Monday, March 10, 2014

Kansas state funding for education found unconstitutional

This happened on Friday, but I haven't gotten a chance to post on it. Of course this is just the latest case:
The state of Kansas was found to be unconstitutionally funding its schools by their Supreme Court. In a comment that will sound familiar to those from Massachusetts:
"We will continue to see more and more state litigation on this issue of what it takes to ensure that all students can meet standards and placing a legal obligation on the state legislature to adopt financing systems that provide both adequate funding and equitable funding to ensure that those standards are actually achieved," said Dianne Piche, a former U.S. Education Department attorney who leads education initiatives at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.
 There are similar cases currently pending in Texas, New York, and Connecticut.
...but, no, not in Massachusetts, 50% underfunded or not.

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