Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reconsideration: updating as we go

motion to reconsider passes 5-2: discussion opens

Petty: confusion information and misleading information regarding PARCC
having people not sending their children to school during PARCC, can't let that be the last word
"should send their kids to matter what...will handle it as superintendent as said"
issues around Common Core
think that big money, big business is a mistake
benefit to teachers to exam during this period
we've just received a letter that the superintendent intends to send to parents
Boone: consistent in message on what PARCC
"how we respectfully work with families around this"
looked at what it's in our policy handbook
the letter includes the following line:
"There will be no academic or disciplinary penalty for not participating, and appropriate accommodations will be provided during testing time"
simply need to let principal know prior to testing date
"let the School Committee know what is happening"
administrative memo to the principals...will include what if children aren't participating
"it will be building specific"
"best accommodation" given space in the building
"they understand clearly and we will continue to work with them...activities will be productive in nature and no penalties will be imposed"
"restates what we have in our handbook in

O'Connell: ask that Committee stay with vote that was taken
clear and detailed concern on pilot testing of PARCC
one basic issue: what is in the basic interest of the students?
Is this or is it not the best use of the time?
far better for them to spend their time doing their work
"basically spend time"
"make it clear that we want the department to think twice"
stay with vote that we took

Novick: essentially I made the point that it is our job as the local govenance board to stand up to the state on research conducted without parental consent and incorrectly in the law

Foley: a relatively simple conversation around choices for our students
developed into an idelogical battle over standardized testing
supportive of standardized testing and assessment
national standard so our students in Massachusetts can be judged as the same as those across the country
option clearly deliniated to the parents
letter that we have here addresses that
see no need to go forward with the letter to the state
different battle for a different time

Monfredo: thank for letter
hope that parents are cautious when they make that decision
no more letters needed

Biancheria: Started talking about this back in December
concerned with time on learning
don't agree that one test tells everything
"what I find unbelievable is that in the last ten to twelve days, every article went back and forth"
we discussed what we needed to discuss for this
reconsideration gives us the freedom
unfortunate that we're at this stage of the game
believe in choices
different from Common Core
hope that we can now move forward

Ramirez: in support of piloting the PARCC
computerized test
people get anxious about exams

letter filed on a 4-3 vote

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