Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reading on grade level: TLSS

Back-up on this one is here  Also talking about this item 
Monfredo speaks of closing the readiness gap before school

working with parents? Social workers, nurses, reading readiness
likes the Fundation program
Success for All liked that
"I don't want to be discussing the same agenda item again next year"
Rodrigues: "hoping to give you the answer today, so we don't have to carrying the agenda item going forward"
a number of facets to a child being ready before entering kindergarten
District Literacy Plan : hope to bring it to the School Committee sometime in May
four goals, each with six or seven action steps
strategies and programs that are research-based on reading, writing, speaking, technology
a number of options for schools to adopt

Home visits and supports for families of children age zero to four
Meeting on formal alignment of preschool (not just formal preschool)
what are the supports for early learning?
Edwards Street day care
Head Start
zero to age three
forum to integrate early childhood ed: what community assets are? what areas are challenging? what can we control? what is beyond our control?
subgroups working still on this
standardized forms for all
a number of ways to support the children and the families
"All of the motion that you realized tonight, Mr. Monfredo, are being done as we speak."

Monfredo: do we have data on 6 months to 3?
Rodrigues: others do, we have 2.6 to 3 for early intervention
Monfredo: could we find out from Head Start?
Rodrigues: we have it. Head Start has "a greater capability with working with parents constantly"
Monfredo: working with EEC to know what their plans are for the future
Rodrigues: we are working with them on this; "when you see the scope of the literacy plan..you're going to see the scope of that"
more outreach we do with private providers, the greater connection we can do
Monfredo: Books for Babies? Reach out and Read? follow up?
Rodrigues: continues to be in full force
one goal is all about family and community engagement; literacy at home
"literacy means different things for different people, and we have different cultural backgrounds"
Monfredo: holding off on agenda items until District Literacy plan

Ramirez: when we talk about home visits and reaching parents, parents need those opportunities themselves to see what they can do
Ecotarium, Worcester Public Library
"rich activities that they can model"
'put the money where it matters in early education...need a lot more supports for the schools' to do so

O'Connell: district literacy plan will give much when it comes back to TLSS
many plans and initiatives
bring action on these items when the plan comes back, he suggests
Rodrigues: plan will be finalized in May
Monfredo suggests looking at grade 3 MCAS scores
O'Connell: early childhood sent to School Committee when it happens

clarification: items filed, district literacy plan will come here once it is out

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