Thursday, March 20, 2014

FY15 budget update

big difference in this update is that the federal grants will be LEVEL FUNDED
that's a $4 million difference from the January update, due to our NOT being hit by sequestration
"at least net school spending level of budget"
this is projecting the $2.75 million gap in net school spending being closed
"optimistically planning" for no impact of sequestration
cost estimates have not changed
I'm just going to break in here and say that I'm seeing something that I have NEVER seen before: Councilor Tony Economou is here for the budget update. I've never seen a City Councilor other than the Mayor at a School Committee meeting.
List of identified needs and program improvements
Funding needs compared with revenue increase leaves a $23.2 million
Proposed solutions to the remaining $23.2 million gap:

and then:


If our budget is BELOW Net School Spending, we'd need to cut further than that:

Wondering about elementary class size?

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