Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Asking DESE for clarification

This afternoon, I sent the following off to DESE:
Good afternoon: 
I called Commissioner Bickerton's office with this query earlier today, and I have since received more questions myself, thus the follow up email. 
We have been told repeatedly over the past several months that there is no opting out of the PARCC pilot. Last night and today, I have heard several reports of Commissioner Bickerton stating last night that parents may, without consequence, opt their children out of the PARCC pilot*. I have since had a similar exchange related to me from a parent with Mr. Lee, with the 95% participation caveat from NCLB for districts opting those piloting out of the equivalent MCAS. However, I have seen nothing officially from DESE. 
I would ask, for the sake of any and all of us fielding questions out here that you please send out a clear statement on this via districts, MASS, MASC, and the like. I would appreciate being able to cite the Department directly, rather than heresay. 
Thank you very much for your time and attention, 
Tracy Novick
*yes, I know that there's a video of this exchange as well, though it's part of a larger exchange.
Should I hear anything further, I will of course post it here and elsewhere.

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