Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meritorious Budget Award!

John Crafton, Executive Director of MASBO, back to speak
noting that he was here a few months ago for Mr. Allen's Distinguished Eagle"I was here before for one remarkable achievement and I'm back this time for another remarkable achievement...'
"You know, it's a big's really a big deal"
the national standard for school district budget
only three other districts in the nation were first time recipients
only six districts in Massachusetts have received the award in fifteen years since the award was started
Very difficult requirements, a lot of knowledge of technology
trained reviewers who inspect that budget from every angle
"once you successfully create this budgetary format., you can be sure your annual budget will pass the litmous test" every year
Must be:

  1. Clear: "all too often we see budget that are composed primarily of numbers...clarity is akin to transparency"
  2. Conciseness: "you don't have to read the entire budget to know what it is all about"
  3. Completeness: "it includes all of the funds that there are that go to education in the community: grants, revolving funds..."
cites Biden: "don't tell me what you value; show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value"

about 1/10 of 1% actual apply for this award each year; only about 1/10 of those districts are first time applicants

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