Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ed Moynihan on parental opt out of PARCC

"take great exception to its conclusion"
"testing is not teaching; testing is testing"
any other corporation would have to pay for this time
my daughter will spend four hours on top of MCAS this year
sent children school to all sorts
time in school regarded as a "a commodity more precious than a 50 degree day in February or gold"
"suffocating and killing our public school system"
interfering with "my right and duty to direct her destiny" (citing Pierce)
"she is not a faceless product; she is a delightful young woman"
lack of respect for the teachers "that their jobs depend on getting a certain numbers of students to pass the test"
"the choice is easy: I will not allow my child to participate in this experiment"
Please give parents the information and allow them to opt out of this test

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