Monday, March 3, 2014

Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday

The Worcester School Committee has the first March meeting on Thursday. You can find the agenda here.
First up, the postponed honors from last week for South High.
We also have a member of the public coming to speak on PARCC. That, combined with a response from administration regarding an item from Ms. Colorio on PARCC, means it is up for discussion. Please come if you wish to be heard!
We have several responses coming back from administration: on the Sheriff's FACE to FACE program; on posting the Friday letters online (they're up!); on the participation of students with disabilities in athletics; on data charts (no, not walls); and on sending requests for repairs through SchoolDude.
We have Ms. Biancheria's items, held from last week.
We have a request to approve a prior year payment of$1,960.00.
The School Committee is requested to accept the donation of $2500 for a scholarship for a graduating senior, which is from ASBO due to Mr. Allen's Distinguished Eagle Award
We have a request to approve a prior year payment of $28,105 to Behavior Concepts, Inc. for ABA services.
I've put the proposed charter regulation changes on the agenda for consideration ahead of the Board of Ed's March 24th meeting; I've also proposed that we urge our delegation to oppose any lift of the charter school cap.
We're being asked to accept a donation to the Caradonio New Citizens Center from METSO Automation USA, Inc.
We have a bit of a tweak to Worcester East Middle School's Statement of Interest with MSBA--if you're interested in WEMS, you'll want to read it--that adds a general systems upgrade to the request for roof and windows that we'd requested. It's pretty cool that MSBA did this; they could have just turned us down flat, but instead agreed that we needed what we asked for and more.
We've got the Meritorious Budget Award!
Assuming a positive vote, we're setting a date for budget priority setting of March 20.
We're going to recognize our ski team (that we share with St. Peter-Marian).
We're asked to accept a donation of $500 from METSO Automation USA, Inc to Clark Street for basketball.
And we're working on moving the School Committee date in April off of Holy Thursday, for those who observe it.

Plus: executive session has three student long-term suspension hearings.

7 pm, Thursday!

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