Thursday, March 6, 2014

We're honoring Maureen Binienda tonight

...who, it was noted tonight, has been at South High for 34 years..."under her leadership, there is no worry about being hungry, cold, homeless, or even needing eyeglasses!"

...and also Andy's Attic at South High.
Andy's Attic is named after Andrew Reis, a teenager from Shrewsbury, who died in 2010 in a car accident. It's now being run by Christine Foley at South High. They organize clothing and shoes for those in need.

So let me take this chance to say that Andy's Attic is looking for donations of new underwear and socks, plus PROM GOWNS right now for girls who might not otherwise be able to have one.
Please go shopping and raid your attics and closets on their behalf!

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