Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

The Worcester School Committee meets Thursday; you can find the agenda here.

The report of the Superintendent is an update on North High's safety plan. I suspect that the three items Ms. Ramirez has submitted on North--requesting a mediation specialist and creating a stakeholder group as well as asking about cameras--will be taken at the same time, as well as any testimony related to that.

Finance and Operations is reporting back; notes on auditors' reports, on the second quarter (including transfers), on facilities, on transportation. They'll be three votes on this beyond accepting the report: quarterly transfers, the bus contract, and MSBA submissions.

We have some new appointments (including a librarian!).
We have a reponse back from administration on bringing the energy management back in house. Short version? It's saving us money and giving us better service.
We have a response back from administration regarding the use of WRTA bus passes.
We have a number of congratulations coming through: dancers, artists, writers, good citizens!
In honor of Sunshine Week, I'm asking the City Solicitor to give us a legal opinion on the use of personal email for public business.
Mr. O'Connell is asking about some classifications he says were stricken from SAGE on student suspension.
Mr. Monfredo is starting his annual book drive for "Worcester: The City that Reads." Collection locations to come!
In relation to articles like this, I'm asking that administration clarify the use of student information in online apps.
Mr. O'Connell is asking to review both the Elm Park report from the state (which went to the stakeholder group for them to do their work on the already-approved Level 4 turnaround plan) and the Jacob Hiatt extended learning time report.
He is further asking around opting out of PARCC.
I'm requesting an update from administration on MCAS and PARCC.
Miss Biancheria is asking the role of the chief academic officer in school suspensions.
She's further asking for the difference between an internal document and a public document.
She's also asking about summer programs.

We have no executive session tomorrow night, so starting right with regular public session at 7!

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