Monday, March 16, 2015

Facilities improvements: MSBA

Allen: updated facilities report; last prepared 2012
includes this year's statements of interest for MSBA
includes inventory of all schools
updates on work done: one time funds from airport, ESCo projects, MSBA boiler, roof, windows,
15 projects that have been approved and gone through pipeline
another 4 submitted, hoping to hear in May or June
city has spent under $10M, has leveraged almost $32M
well along with Nelson Place
South High has been invited in; initial work for South High ongoing
recommendation around Statements of Interests: South was taken in this year
leaves three remaining projects: Worcester East Middle, Burncoat, and Doherty
have included some level of detail
MSBA does require a priority one project: administration recommends Doherty High
have identified about $18M in needs
enrollment needs due to 2/3rd of size need
window curtain system: very inefficent heating system
building has known and potential environmental issues
not enough science labs; building issues are outdated
five year projection for accelerated repairs through 2020 on final page of the report; I've also posted it here
some done through entire replacement of building
Foley: five year accelerated repair is in front of us
tonight only looking to authorize submission of three projects, with one number one
Where are we with facilities master plan? No shortage of need, and future growth
Allen: pilot review of one of our schools, recently made available
if made systemwide, continuing to work with city to bring to scale
perhaps by the next time we meet with city
Allen: state wants to be very certain that the city has ability to fund next project; need to borrow fund for the whole project
Ramirez: numbers and trends for growth in middle school: any impact?
Allen: short term issue, also master plan: address enrollment trends
may be space challenges, working with schools
Ramirez: who is heading that? schools are heading, city is paying for it
Novick: what can we do to push ahead on master plan? ask in joint meeting
ask for roll call on number one choice: state isn't going to take Doherty
can't advocate for Doherty
needs assessment of MSBA doesn't bear out need; state assessment calls Burncoat higher
not clear city can tackle two high schools at once
remains to be seen if any elementary schools are in need: need a master plan to determine
Can't go to state and say this is our top need
Biancheria asks about space in middle schools; and plans for the future
timeframe for discussion
Foley: looking four years out

Motion: authorize administration to submit Statements of Interest: voice vote unanimous
Motion: identify Doherty as top submission (passes 2-1)

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