Thursday, March 19, 2015

a few items at North

Ramirez: academic situations speaking about
aged out youth
catching up on credits: advocate for
part of the solution, different solutions for young people to learn
innovation model
opportunity for North to become that place
rather than safety and monitoring...mediator, prevented issues from happening
items that are supporting students directly
not support of cameras connected to the police department
Petty: something happens at school, could feed to police department
Ramirez: situation that may not be an emergency could be construed as an emergency

Biancheria: police took the step for the license
are there not cameras?
Petty: there are cameras at North, they're not connected to the police department
Bianheria: have an expert explain what it actually is
Petty: awaiting for legal opinion on cameras streaming to police, and contractual issues with union
police has no interest in watching every day
Biancheria: time frame on legal opinion
Boone: going to require research by City Solicitor, not just an off the shelf opinion

O'Connell: invitation to summit information to administration as needed
or letter to School Committee

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