Thursday, March 19, 2015

PARCC, MCAS, opting out and such

O'Connell: parents allowing to opt out, parents should have letter

Boone: Commissioner, there is no opt out
for parents that indicate that they don't want their child to indicate that they don't want their child to participate, make sure parents know testing, and child given alternative
quote from DESE legal on participation being mandatory
child's test will be marked as "unexcused" in testing

Novick; how are we doing on PARCC?
started Monday, so far so good
Novick: teachers signed privacy agreement prior to state qualification?
Novick: Pearson reviewing social media?
Boone: students taking screen shots of  questions
Novick: length of time: third grade scheduled for ten hours next week. That's a lot
Less question of PARCC legitimacy, which I've been asking about MCAS for 20 years
we'll be starting, but we're done if my daughter is

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