Friday, March 20, 2015

Nelson Place public hearing: UPDATED (at least twice)

Not an official meeting of the building committee; just an update.

This meeting will take place onMonday, March 30th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the Nelson Place School cafeteria

·         introduce the Construction Manager at Risk firm, Fontaine Brothers
·         review the construction schedule
·         overview of what you can expect to see on site in the coming months
·         design review including site and building
·         comments/questions/concerns

We look forward to seeing you all. 

Possible this is also related to item 9.6B on the Council agenda for Tuesday. The item is a land swap with Assumption that appears to give Assumption access around a wetland to the back edge of their property. Note, per Commissioner Moosey's memo, that the City already had the easement it needed for building; this change simply benefits Assumption through the land swap. This assessor's map may clear things up a bit: Assumption owns 12 Romula (at the bottom right) and owns the property marked as 0 behind that and the property marked as 500 (it's 500 Salisbury) on the left middle of the map; they could get from one to other via WPS property by cutting the corner of Nelson Place (which is 35, for 35 Nelson Place, in upper right).  
It also seems to involve a land swap of WPS land as voted by the City Council, which it can't legally do; as we all have become very clear on, WPS land can only be conveyed through a majority School Committee vote. Yes, chasing that one down, but if it concerns you, I'd let Council know before Tuesday night.

Also, Nelson Place is before the city Planning Board on Wednesday with a plan that involves only the easements needed for building; it does not involve the Assumption triangle.

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