Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ESEA waiver: changes in accountability system

ESEA: 50th year
Duncan waivers to allow states to have proposals other than what law calls for
operating under five level accountability system because of waiver
in renewal year now
without a waiver renewal, we'd revert back to NCLB
law could be renewed, but might not
three modifications:
  • additional credit for ELLs who made major progress for students who made progress in English language proficiency 
  • additional time for students to increase their proficiency in English before they participate in accountability system, but only on growth, not on overall score
  • reduce number of students to consitute a cohort from 30 students to 20 students
Peyser: Q on credit on ELLs gaining on English abilities: how do you get credit
SGPA (Student Growth Percentiles on Access) Peyser comments that we needed another acronym
60 is very strong growth, a median that's high will provide a boost
Peyser: assume that this represents a floor rather than a ceiling? if we wanted to change it higher,we could? yes
Peyser would love to learn more about the pattern of students who are moving up the Access scale
Waiver carries unanimously

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