Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Election year post

This is a Worcester municipal election year, which means that all city elected positions--mayor, city council, and school committee are up for election. The full municipal calendar is here; Election Day this year falls on Tuesday, November 3.
I bring this up today, because I'll be picking up my signature sheets from the Election Commission this afternoon. It takes the signatures of 300 registered Worcester voters to put a School Committee candidate's name on the ballot.
My election-related posts on the blog will be few. Should such things be of interest, however:
I am enormously grateful to do the job I'm elected to, and I appreciate the support.

UPDATE: For those in Worcester (or just interested), Niko Vangjeli, Assistant Director of Elections, has these great little booklets that's he's giving out to those picking up nomination forms about municipal elections in Worcester.

I was also asked for a bit on School Committee in Worcester:

  • in Worcester there are six School Committee members. 
  • We all are at-large members, meaning we are elected by and represent the entire city. 
  • All of us have two year terms, and we all run at the same time. 
  • The Mayor serves as Chair of the School Committee (by virtue of being elected Mayor); he (in this case) is the seventh member of the School Committee. If you check our rules, the Mayor's role is limited to only a bit beyond that of the rest of the members; he can schedule meetings on his own, and he assigns subcommittees. 

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