Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Update on "key state initiatives"

and we've got a PowerPoint: let me know if you want photos of it
curriculum frameworks, educator evaluator, PARCC, and district assessments

Framework implementation proceeding by not complete: 80% have implemented curricula, but only 53% have textbooks and other materials
most agree it will have a positive impact, but most feel that they need more training
Educator evaluation: most agree it provides more meaningful feedback, opportunities to reflect on their practice
most view their evaluation as fair
majority of principals view system as fair, fewer than half of teachers view system as a whole as fair
District Determined Measures; challenging piece of work
less than half have ID'd administration and scoring protocols, set parameters for growth, or systems to manage data
time and funding viewed as major impediment (not negotiations)
On PARCC: need more training on technology portion
60% of principals feeling mostly or somewhat prepared
most students who were in field test felt that questions covered material that they had covered this year
principals and central office are generally more positive on reforms than teachers are
but generally improving over time

District assessement practice: survey of superintendents (or of the 36% that responded)
most said they used to see if they'd met learnign goals or academic needs
less than half to preparet of MCAS or predict student performance
uh, let's look at the way you asked the question there
55% felt had right amount of time;
driven by district level rather than school level
"representative sample of districts": 35 districts
in each case talked to a district level person and a school level person
average of district required assessments of 6.7 tests
Level 2 districts and districts with low proficiency levels require most tests
time preparing for tests: large majority spend 5 day or less
did not see a difference between ELL and special ed students
I'm just going to observe here that there is a lot of head shaking going on in  the audience, particularly from educators
"really challenging for districts to quantify"
Achieve has put out a tool on that: four districts going to go through it with us

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