Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Five year plan on MSBA accelerated repair submissions (windows, roofs, boilers)

As I mentioned on Monday, part of the updated Facilities report is a five year plan on submissions to MSBA for accelerated repair. Those are the window, roof, boiler repairs that we've done across the district over the past several years. This isn't written in stone--submissions have to be approved by the School Committee and the City Council each year--but it does give us an idea of where we're heading, at least until we get the comprehensive master plan.

Chandler Elementary: windows
Wawecus Road: windows
Belmont Street: windows
Creamer Center: boiler, roof, windows

Midland Street: roof
Vernon Hill: boiler, roof
Thorndyke Road (rear): windows
Lake View: roof
Rice Square: windows, roof

Elm Park: boiler, windows
Sullivan Middle: boiler
Lincoln Street: boiler

Tatnuck Magnet: roof
Caradonio New Citizens: roof
UPCS: roof
McGrath: roof
WAMS: roof

Gates Lane: boiler, roof
Burncoat Middle: boiler
Clark Street: boiler, roof
City View: boiler,
Union Hill: roof

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