Thursday, March 5, 2015

FY16 budget

You can find this report here
Boone: Governor's budget was proposed yesterday afternoon
testified at Foundation Budget Review Commission hearing on Saturday
received many compliments on Worcester's testimony
Allen: time to begin budget preparation for next year, released yesterday
midyear budget cuts: quality K cut of $206,620 (addressed at midyear but won't cut IAs)
other (mostly summer) cuts of programs

FY16: enrollment increase, ELL and low income increase
third straight year of low inflation; five of six years also
continuing cost centers exceeding 'normal' inflation
60% from state, 30% from city, 10% federal
Chapter 70: $11M increase reflects enrollment
quality K eliminated
11 state grants bundled into a single grant program; "unclear how this will go forward"
end of RTTT, end of Burncoat redesign
assuming all other federal grants will be level funded
creates a $700,000 service gap
RTTT and School Redesign provide Level 4 school plans
it's also PD and wraparound zone coordinators (most of which have to contine)
Net School Spending: city's increase $1.66M most the city is required to give
"potentially a chance for the city to exceed" required minimum
total enrollment is up 497
ELL increase of 834
low income 696 student increase
"do provide additional funds in the foundation budget, but they may not be sustainable amounts in future years"
at 25,191 students 1.7% increase in one year; 5 year growth of 5%; 10% increase of 7 years
now equal to enrollment of 2003 before we closed 8 schools
using MSBA enrollment project shows continued increase over next three years (25,850 by FY17)
4,578 students were new this year; about half of that is new kindergarten students
2,284 ELL students were new to us this year; 3,524 low income students new this year
and low income students increased from start of year to end of year
"foundation budget commission was looking to see these sorts of changes" over the course of the year
likewise on ELL: increases over the course of the year
71.5% of students classified as ELL have been with WPS for five years or less

Total foundation budget for FY16 is $329,468,507 BUT THAT INCLUDES CHARTER AND CHOICE
Foundation budget per pupil rate
spending 55% of foundation rate on administration "and keep in mind that half of that" is city
spending 104% for teachers "and the amount provided in the foundation budget isn't adequate to fund" salaries (it isn't that salaries are high)
spend 28% on instuctional materials and technology
spending 63.8% on operations and materials
206% on employee benefits
303% on special education

inflation rate is 1.5%

increase of $14.6M over last year; but city increase is only $1.6M of that
city's required contribution is $98M
chapter 70 increase is just under $11M

budget appears to be increasing by $13M
city is still $3M under NSS in FY15, if city doesn't contribute above $1.6M, city will be $4M under due to carryover
with grant reductions
FY16 increasing in revenue by $11M going forward

Level service increases totals $13.3M
current average district class size of 22.1
with projected enrollment increase for next year, we'd have 18 classes of 31 or more students
would need $2.5M to keep 22.1 student average
projecting 114 student increase in middle school next year: need of 13 additional middle school teachers for next year: would cost $1.1M
projecting need for 43 high school teachers due to enrollment increases: $3.6M
BUT that doesn't address students in study halls: to reduce that, we'd need additional 17 teachers, or $1.4M
ELLcompliance: requres $3.8M due to student need
reduction of third party services for autism services needed: our own staff, have saved $3.7M (from FY13 and FY15)
projection of special education: 19 teachers, most at secondary level $1.8M
need for guidance, school adjustment counselors & psychologist, nurses
librarian, PE teacher, 2 clerical, office aid
annual allocation for secondary textbooks ($250K)
plus planning year for academy

Gap of $19M between what is needed and what we have for revenue
true deficit is about $2M (gap between level services and revenue increase)
BUT without more class size will be large, difficult in compliance, will not address student needs

"not anticipating any changes" for House budget
transportation contract to be considered on the 16
utilities contract working with city
out-of-district tuition
working on health insurance
level 4 costs (for those coming off plans)
additional capacity in special education

"just the start of our budget process, and by no means represents what we expect the final budget to look like in May"
using Seven Point Plan

Mark your calendar: May 8 WPS budget released

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