Thursday, March 12, 2015

Meetings and events next week

Lots of meetings of note next week!
  • On Monday night at 6pm, we have the quarterly meeting of the Finance and Operations subcommittee. You can find that agenda (just posted) here. On it is our quarterly finance update and transfers as required. This is where the FY15 budget cuts hits the WPS budget, so this isn't going to be pretty. We also have the MSBA statements of interest for this year. That also includes an updated facilities report, per Ms. Biancheria's request. We also have the various auditors coming in. And we're considering the transportation bids.  Lots of important stuff there; that meeting is at the Durkin Administration Building, 4th floor.
  • On Tuesday night, the Worcester Public Schools Fine and Performing Arts Departments host their annual "Meet the Artist" night at the spring festival of the arts at the Worcester Public Library downtown. That starts at 5:30pm.
  • On Wednesday night at 7pm, CPPAC is holding their monthly meeting. This month it's at Chandler Magnet School on Chandler Street (across from Worcester State). The presentation this month is on the FY16 budget with a presentation something like this one by Mr. Allen. This is your chance to come and ask questions (per request, another post to follow on what we know so far);  I would really urge people to attend this.
  • On Thursday night at 7pm, the Worcester School Committee meets at City Hall. The agenda on that will be posted tomorrow afternoon. 
  • On Friday morning, the Worcester School Committee is hosting a Legislative Breakfast with our delegation; as it will be a quorum of the School Committee deliberating matters under our purview, it is a posted public meeting. That's at 9 am in the Harrington Room at Worcester Tech.

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