Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Puzzled on Nelson Place: **UPDATED**

So this is odd...I was going back through some notes on Nelson Place, and the City Council voted the emergency access easement (which goes over Assumption land to the back of WPS land, as discussed several times at Building Committee meetings) on their February 3 agenda; see item 8.6A. While the Manager's memo refers to "two temporary easements donated at no cost," (see page 1) and thanks Assumption, the Commissioner's memo (see page 3) says "The emergency access easement and two of the temporary easements are over land owned by Assumption College and donated to the City of Worcester."
...so the easement has already been accepted. Thus why any easement swap with WPS land would be necessary is unclear...

**UDPATE**even with the new prefacing memo that the City administration has now posted on this item (as of today?) that mentions the land taking and that the "easement agreement defines responsibilities and rights of both parties over the temporary and permanent easements."

And I'll point out again: the proper body before which an item regarding the easement on a WPS school should appear is the School Committee. And this still has the triangle allowing Assumption access. 
As this is before the Planning Board tomorrow night, I'm sure hoping someone clears up who has legal rights to do what where.
Seriously weird.

Wednesday morning note: the Council tabled the item, with the Mayor commenting that the item needed to go before the School Committee.

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