Thursday, March 5, 2015

EAW on fingerprinting

Len Zalauskas: asking you to put this in the budget, for all people who work for the WPS
"mirrors part of legislation of" MTA
opposed to being fingerprinted: "it's unsavory, at best"
"state found it in its wisdom to tie it to your licensure"
one time cost: $55 for licensed, $35 for those without
"that's real money for them, that's not a drop in the bucket"
"I understand the budget fairly well"
lack of investment in technology...state of Massachusetts has dropped the ball
idea to look at second look of enrollment figures
"not something we're doing in Massachusetts; we can learn from other states"
"in some fashions, it's ridiculous"
"request that the School Committee put in the budget" the cost of fingerprinting
referred to budget
O'Connell: ask that the state pay for costs, as mandated under Prop 2 1/2

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