Monday, March 16, 2015

Transportation bids

you can find that information here
two bids received: First Student for $83,411,780
Durham for $65,197,368
permitted by law to negotiate a lower price
revised bid of $61,984,628
also looked at doing it in house: convinced something we should consider at next contract phase
would need more than 90 days to do (so can't do it this year)
ability to bring services in house for better results and for savings: school nutrition and environmental management, for example
sending field trip and athletics out for bid next
will only have total transportation changes once that bid is awarded
comparison with this year is estimation (as year by year changes in buses needed)
city is aware of increase as it impacts FY16
Foley: worried that we were going to be hit pretty hard on transportation
fewer out there?
Allen: four vendors at pre-bid conference
getting to a point where large contracts of this size are difficult to find
Boston owns buses but contracts out management and drivers
Springfield contracts with First Student
Framingham has Durham
Ramirez: challenges to have parents take advantage of Head Start program
Hennessey: running five buses through Durham for Head Start
eligibility determined by Head Start; needs for children to be fastened in
Biancheria: concern that we still have an enormous amount of need for bus passes
Allen: using WRTA bus passes for some alternative programs (home to school and back) and also for after school programs and services
about $155,000 a year; could spend more than that
Biancheria wonder about purchased a small amount of buses to then work around the bus pass program
Foley: also paying full price for bus passes
transportation is a service that we think is essential
MOTION to award bid to Durham: passes

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