Tuesday, October 28, 2014

wifi access

report here
Allen: growing pains
Erate cut for telephones, more for broadband
"you'll see on the operational budget side...at a decreasing rate of 20%" each year
Walton: an evolving process
eligible service list hasn't been released yet
funding will open in January, some of picture isn't clear
"good news/bad news story"
eliminating outdated services: some like paging, but also web hosting, telephones, cell phones
web hosting goes away this year
telephone phased out $42,000 a year; cell phones drop by $31,000 a year
lose 3% due to citywide eligibility
making improvements for infastructure: $3.4M
if you apply for that money, you're locked into the pilot program for five years
Erate is not guaranteeing that money, however; they may not have money after first year
have said that they can fund year one and two; no predictions after year one and two
problem with $3.5M is we have to come up with 20% match
look at applying in year one and year two
apply for $1.5M year one and $1.5M year two
"I view this as a once in a decade opportunity"
some is from 1998
"wouldn't have the same router in your house that you had five years ago" needs updating
for part we will lose: could host our own website; going research hosting our own website
prices for cellphones range: could switch to a different provider
telephones: some are going to VOIP; that takes on a lot of infrastructure
for $154,000, what is the tradeoff? think telephone is an expense we'll just have to absorb

Foley: thought of districts all taking money in year one?
Walton: almost gambling here
have allocated an additional billion for two years; thus expect to be able to fund it
money that is left over from prior years
one time money that will go away

Novick: measurable impact on classrooms?
Walton: background stuff will get improved
demand for wifi in schools is so high
even schools with building-wide wifi, need more

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