Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Greenfield Virtual charter probation

Chester: previously an innovation school under Greenfield Public Schools

"was no role for state board, 'though it operated as a state school"
Board recommended that the Legislature change law on virtual schools
allowed Greenfield to continue under this new structure
watched with some concern the 2nd and 3rd year of viability and performance
two of conditions so far have not been met; have resolved contract with K-12
alignment of curriculum has not happened
recommending probation given issues now and ongoing concerns
apply six different conditions
alignment condition: focus on math and ELA, but total alignment ongoing
Noyce: have a concern that if we say you need to improve only in ELA and mathematics, we might see a further narrowing; I ask you to be aware of that.
Calderón-Rosado: access and equity issues, but don't see that in the conditions apply
state: Not always an answer to each of the issues raised.
critical that something is in place on access and equity issues
Daniels: clear that they are building this plane while we're flying it
heartened by their jumping right on this, and also that the state is right on top of this
"we're all nervous about this and we want this to be right"
McKenna: two issues raised by Board: 

  • aligning all subjects to state standards
  • access and equity for ELL and special ed
Commissioner recommends that they amend the conditions presented by the administration
I have not been here for all of these, but I've never seen the Board amend conditions before
On probation

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